Holding Hands Makes You The Man

Dutch men joining hands in solidarity to show support to the young gay couple that was brutally attacked in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

men holding hands

Image pulled from https://www.nytimes.com. Alexander Pechtold, left leader of the liberal-democratic party D66, and Wouter Koolmees, a lawmaker in the party, held hands in The Hague on Monday in a show of support for gay rights. Lex Van Lieshout/ European Pressphoto Agency

According to Dan Bilefsky, a writer for the New York Times, the young couple was holding hands when they were attacked by a group of youths wielding bolt cutters. What motivated the youths to engage in such brutality is still unknown by investigators but one of the victims characterized the attack as a hate crime.

Understandably, this sparked outrage in the Netherlands — a capital known as the gay capital of Europe  — because homosexuality was removed from the Dutch code in 1811, and it’s considered a haven for LBGT couples.

For the full story click hereSince the story broke, people from all over the world have joined in on the protest, showing support with the simplest gesture of holding hands. The movement depicts men from all professions such as politicians, police, actors, soldiers, and athletes holding hands. Gay and straight men expressed their support. Supporters wanted to spread awareness have been posting on Twitter using #allemannenhandinhand

This movement is a powerful statement but in this case, people are speaking out without even using their voices! Actions can speak louder than words. By holding hands, men are sending the message that there is zero tolerance for homophobia — love is love — through the use of their body language.

The goal of spreading awareness as well as protesting against violence directed toward LGBT communities is being achieved because this kind of speaking out relies on emotional input and output. Meaning this movement heavily incorporates pathos when addressing the audience which allows for a deeper connection as well as a call-to-action response from the audience. Overall, a wonderful response to such violence.

Love is love. Don’t you agree? Please comment and share your stories with me or follow me on Twitter @cayla_redlon.

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One thought on “Holding Hands Makes You The Man

  1. Cayla,

    I love this post and this movement. I read about this earlier and was pumped that people are taking a stand for gay rights. This a great and timely post.


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