WVU Budget Cuts: Students and Leaders Speak Out

West Virginia University (WVU) campus has been buzzing with news regarding GOP budget proposal and for good reason! Some students are shocked, outraged, and concerned about the harmful impact the budget cut will have on the University’s programs.

WDTV covered the story which can be seen if you click the link below:


Three students were interviewed (a form of public speaking that includes meeting face-to-face to discuss a topic by being asked questions by an interviewer) and this is what they had to say:

“Students already struggle financially so I don’t think a budget cut would benefit anybody,” said Andrew Aluise, Sophomore at WVU.

“As an English major. I know English and the humanities are always usually the first to go when they make budget cuts, so that really concerns me since I am not a science major or anything,” said Lindsey Zirkle, Freshman at WVU.

“For future students, I feel like it might impact enrollment because people feel like they can’t afford it,” said Kirsten Beverage, Senior at WVU.

Live interviews are not always rehearsed but run more along the lines of impromptu speaking, meaning that an interviewee responds in the moment what their opinion is with regards to whatever they were asked. The report stated that the emergency meeting held on Tuesday to discuss the new budget proposal was not open to the public but officials did make a statement expressing concern about the proposal.

WVU News also covered the story, posting it to Twitter.

The post has received at least 18 retweets since 6 a.m. and 13 likes. Further information was provided by WV MetroNews, Jeff Jenkins, reporting that

“WVU’s budget has been cut by $96 million over the last five years including $29 million in base funding and it’s possible more cuts are coming as indicated by Republican legislative leaders earlier this week when they outlined their budget framework.”

Senate Education Committee Chairman Kenny Mann (R-Monroe) made this statement:

Mann said he believes because the way the bill is written classified staff members “will see the sun will come up tomorrow.”

“It won’t be as bad as it looks,” Mann said.

Jenkins story received 14 likes on Facebook and 4 shares total:

Image Credit: WV MetroNews

In an article just posted today by Joselyn King, WVU’s President E. Gordon Gee attended Higher Education Day at the Legislature in Charleston, WV. 

“Our message is a simple one,” Gee said. “In times of limitation … you have to support the things that will create jobs, create opportunities and create prosperity. And as for those things in this environment that don’t do that — then we have to make different kinds of decisions. The notion that cutting anything across the board — whether it be higher education or anything — is a formula for mediocrity.”

President E. Gordon Gee’s words could not have been more well spoken. Using rhetorical devices such as repetition (e.g. “..create jobs, create opportunities and create prosperity.”) to make a point.

Share with me your concerns regarding WVU budget cuts in the comments below or via Twitter @cayla_redlon

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