Book Fairies Worldwide United on International Women’s Day – Emma Watson is a Fairy!

Emma Watson has evolved from our favorite witch (Hermione Jean Granger) to fairy status, and with the use of her new fairy wings she’s making a difference by spreading the magic of books to all.

The renowned actress belongs to a book club called Our Shared Shelf that began a partnership with The Book Fairies as well as Books On The Underground back in 2016 when Watson hid Maya Angelou’s Mom & Me & Mom in the London Tube Network for commuters to discover.

For International Women’s Day, Watson was spotted at these various places:

  1. The Gertrude Stein statue
  2. The Joan of Arc statue
  3. Blue Stockings
  4. Harriet Tubman memorial
  5. Eleanor Roosevelt Monument 

Check out Watson’s Instagram and Twitter to see where and how she left books for people!

The books Watson hid were:

The Book Fairies mission for International Women’s Day was to:

To celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women through the power of literature.

The span of The Book Fairies is vast:

worldmap of book fairies

Image Credit: The Book Fairies. Map pulled from

This is a clever campaign because, by hiding books new and old, the fairies are spreading literature, and reading literature will help to increase literacy. Literacy is defined as

the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, compute, and communicate using visual, audible, and digital materials across disciplines and in any context. 

Literature would be considered visual material because it’s text. People can increase literacy by practicing reading skills. Such skills that would often be taught in an educational setting; yet, millions of people don’t have access to literacy education.


Image Credit: source: UIS, 2014. Graph pulled from

Increasing literacy increases communication skills which in turn can lead to an increase in public speaking skills. Furthermore, increasing reading has benefits such as mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion and knowledge, stress reducer, and memory improvement – to name a few. So in reality, The Book Fairies do more than just leave behind hidden treasures. They’re passing on the chance to learn, to grow, and to then gift the same experience to another – spreading the magic.

My new project, starting today, is to become a Book Fairy. Books have had a positive impact on my life – I want to share their impact with other people and make a difference in someone’s life. Would you do the same?

Warmest Regards & Mahalo


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