David Cassidy Comes Clean About Dementia: How The Illnesses Can Affect Speech/Communication

david cassidy

Image Credit: WireImage

David Cassidy shed light on his battle with dementia, a form of Alzheimer’s Disease defined as the decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.

The famous “Partridge Family” actor relayed in an interview with People the hardships of having to watch both his grandfather and mother suffer from dementia. The inevitability of gradually losing the ability to remember things, communicate, and reason are a few symptoms of dementia. Cassidy

Cassidy was in denial that he had the mental disease but has come to realize he can no longer ignore the effects of dementia. TMZ had released a video of Cassidy’s concert in Los Angeles on Saturday 18, 2017, showing Cassidy slurring his words and forgetting lyrics.

People reported: 

david cassidy

Image Credit: Getty Images

Now that he’s come to terms with his condition, Cassidy has made the decision to stop touring as a musician to concentrate on his health and happiness. “I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions,” he says. “I want to love. I want to enjoy life.”

Dementia has caused language disturbances in Cassiday’s speech, as shown in the video from his most recent concert, and unfortunately there is no way to cure Alzheimer’s Disease. The disease is progressive in nature, starting with mild memory loss in individuals before eventually losing the ability to have conversations and respond to their environments.

Furthermore, Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th most common cause of death in the United States. Depending on various factors and health conditions, survival can range from 20 years depending on the individual’s age.

Recognizing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, catching them in advance, will aid in temporarily slow the progression of dementia and improve the remaining quality of life for the individual as well as their caregiver. In sum, people who suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s have no control over losing their ability to communicate because the disease strips them of their voice, their memory, and eventually their life.

Help is available

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, you are not alone. The Alzheimer’s Association is the trusted resource for reliable information, education, referral and support to millions of people affected by the disease.

Call our 24/7 Helpline: 800.272.3900
Locate a chapter in your community
Use our Virtual Library
Go to Alzheimer’s Navigator to create customized action plans and connect with local support services

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