Baby It’s Cold Outside and I’ve Lost My Voice

The snow may be pretty but winter weather can induce colds and the flu, causing you to lose your voice and feel shitty.

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When this happens, you try to put on a brave face, push through, and find yourself more miserable than before. What most people don’t realize is that there is the risk of potentially damaging your vocal cords permanently by pushing through. Vocal athletes, such as public speakers, use their voices more than the average conversationist because of their profession.

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Hydration is the key to salvation: start chugging down ample amounts of good old H2O (water). The water will help to thin out the build up of mucus and keep your vocal cords hydrated. Now, this is important, do not, I repeat, do not consume hot drinks such as tea or coffee. Hot drinks will dry out your vocal cords and agitate them more.


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You want to keep your vocal cords as hydrated as possible. Why? Consider how fast your vocal cords vibrate in order to produce sound. According to The Voice Foundation,

Sound is produced when aerodynamic phenomena cause vocal folds to vibrate rapidly in a sequence of vibratory cycles with a speed of about:

  • 110 cycles per second or Hz (men) = lower pitch

  • 180 to 220 cycles per second (women) = medium pitch

  • 300 cycles per second (children) = higher pitchhigher voice: increase in frequency of vocal fold vibrationlouder voice: increase in amplitude of vocal fold vibration

So don’t skimp on the hydration because your vocal cords will suffer! If you feel that you’ve traumatized your vocal cords because you’re busy coughing up your lungs, then seek out your doctor to get an opinion before your condition worsens to the point of severe damage. Generally, if there is minimal damage, your vocal cords will heal within time and proper care. If not, it’s best to seek treatment to prevent long-term damages.

Furthermore, that outfit may look adorable but bundle up and stay warm: Wear a jacket, a nice thick scarf, some mittens, and a hat or earmuffs to protect yourself from the elements.

Wash your hands: Sanitizing your hands will destroy those nasty germs, especially if you’re constantly around someone who is already sick. This will minimize your chances of catching whatever bug, cold, or flu they may have.

Sharing is not caring in the winter: Do not share drinks with another person because that’s like inviting germs into your system for a free-for-all.

To wrap up this post, enjoy your snow day! Tweet this post and share what remedy you use when you’re combating a cold using the hashtag #KeepingMyVoice.

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