Blogging – Don’t Go It Alone

You’ve probably noticed that my first two blog posts had good intentions but may not have resonated with you. Who am I to you? Good question. My response would be that I am nothing until proven to be someone to you. In the meantime, I have found 10 influential bloggers that have adopted the public speaking niche, and each blog approaches public speaking at a different angle than the other.

To start, Lisa Elia’s blog caught my eye because she’s an expert media trainer, presenter, pitch coach and communications expert and speaker. Basically, she trains people on how to conduct interviews with the media. How insanely awesome! This blog appeals to my PR practitioner side.

Then it gets better with The Ethos3 Blog, a collaborative blog that hosts tips and tricks for presenting. And what I love most about this blog is that they’re diverse in the topics that they cover. Furthermore, you have to appreciate the spin on the word Ethos in their name because it establishes a sense of trust right off the bat.

Following that baseball analogy, next to bat is Public Words Blog. Swing batter batter swing.  Dr. Nick Morgan reveals the secrets of communication and covers topics that involve analyzing body language and storytelling. Dr. Morgan has published three books, which I may go buy at Barnes and Noble after I make this post.

But in until then, we have Gary Genard’s blog The Genard Method. At first, I was skeptical because the site design didn’t capture me but you can’t judge the content based on the cover, so to speak. After reading the first post I was pleasantly surprised and found Genard’s approach to be relatable.

Next, we have Jezra Kaye’s (an awesome name I dare say) blog. Kaye’s blog is fantastic because she doesn’t just list a bunch of tips but plunges into the detail. A very informative blog that I know I can trust, and refer to, because of the outstanding feedback from individuals and organizations.

And of course, Fred E. Miller’s blog made my Blogroll! Miller has had major accomplishments in the public speaking community. One unique feature about his blog posts are that you DON’T have to read them, you can LISTEN to them. You can find the reading recordings above the post itself.

I noticed that Shane Purnell’s blog is similar to Miller’s in regards to audio. Although you can read the blog, at the top of the post you can find a podcast inserted. They may be lengthy but they’re great for when you’re attempting to multitask!

Because let’s face it, women love to multitask! And The Eloquent Woman, a blog by Denise Graveline, seems like the kind of woman who would excel at multitasking. Her blog covers an array of topics but most importantly Graveline is a powerhouse woman with experience. In fact, she’s coached nearly 200 TEDMED and TEDx speakers!

Another great blog I found is Potent Speaking, created by 

And last but not least, I found Trish Springsteen’s blog to be exceptionally helpful. Her blog is user-friendly and it was easy to navigate when I was searching what topics she shows interest in. I read Five Tips To Find Speaking Gigs And Opportunities and loved the fact that she didn’t overwhelm me, the reader, with too many tips, she provided enough to get me started and send me on my way.

I plan to follow these bloggers with the hopes of bettering my own infant blog, and I look forward to gaining more insight to the public speaking community.

If you’ve read any of the blogs I just discussed, I’d love to hear your opinions on them! Which do you follow the most?







3 thoughts on “Blogging – Don’t Go It Alone

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I appreciate it. I’ve never followed other public speaking blogs, but this post inspired me to do so. I honestly don’t know what else is out there besides when I do research for my posts.

    Hope your blog does well.

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    • crnolder says:

      Thank you! I actually promoted you today in my charisma post! You should check it out! If you have any pointers for me let me know. I’m new to blogging!


      • Yes, I saw that. Just left a comment. 🙂

        Blogging is all about using your passion to motivate you to write posts, and using diligence to get through the days that you don’t feel like writing. I’ve been writing semi-consistently for 2 and a half years for Potent Speaking… a lot of those times I did not feel like writing, but I pushed through. Feel free to email me at feedback[at] and we can talk more, don’t want to derail your comments.

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